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  • Fun Creativity Modeling Rods. Bend, twist, snap together 5 soft colorful rods to create art, ABC letter, signs, dolls, home products, and invention prototypes.

Art Rods™ is a modeling material for all, especially young children, students, artists, inventors,

and decorators. Like clay, it is a creative modeling tool with a soft tactile quality which is as fun

for a two year old as it is for a professional sculptor.


What can you make with Art Rods™?

For younger children, it is an instructional aide for making letters of the alphabet, as well as

100s of art pieces. For professional artists, it has been used for abstract art, neon shaped

signage, and stop-motion animation. For inventors, iPad cases and steady-cam holders are a

perfect application for this foam material. Decorators have used the Art Rods™ to create

ornate wedding signs, cup holders and holiday decorations. It’s applications are based on the

imagination of the user.


What do you get in the Art Rods™ package?

There are 5 colors, 39 inch rods. Snap button allow the user to connect rods at the ends to create endless

lengths.  Dozens of foam stickers are included to allow faces to be added.

Is this a new product?


It has won a San Diego “Best of Show” STEM award, and a 2018 “Word at Play” ‘Best of’ award for the

Educational products category. It has been showcased at over a dozen Education

Conferences, such as the California Kindergarten Conference and then National SDE for

Teacher Staff Development. Art Rods™ has sold out at every show.

Art Rod Fun Pack

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